giving back

Building the future

Our CEO, David B. Johnson, has a deep connection to the United States Military. His father was a sergeant first class in the Army and was stationed at Fort Campbell while David was still in school.

We are honored to work with the Fort Campbell Historical Foundation, in promoting and supporting their message of Army values, American history and patriotism, education, and public service.

We truly stand on the shoulders of giants. Those who came before us deserve the respect and honor they fought for and gave their lives for. Part of cultivating high quality is looking to the past and remembering the sacrifices you made to get where you are now. Which is one way that our message lines up with FCHF. 

We are proud sponsors of the Fort Campbell Historical Foundation and we eagerly anticipate the construction of the Wings of Liberty Museum. Until then, we encourage you to join us in supporting FCHF’s mission to honor the legacy of the Americans who served.