2020 has been a roller coaster ride of a year. That…we can all agree on. Amidst the turmoil and challenges that we have faced this year, our society has been forced to reflect and create a new normal, in which, we all live in now. The marketing industry has certainly been no exception. Because the industry is ever-changing, it is important that marketers not only keep up with current trends but adapt to stay ahead of them. So, we have decided to compile a few marketing predictions that we believe could help you navigate through 2021.

Socially Conscious Market Branding:

A socially conscious business is aware of ongoing issues in a society’s way of living and uses their platform to address these issues. This has been a growing trend for the last few years, but 2020 has pushed it into the spotlight. Studies have shown an exponential growth in socially conscious consumers that value a brand that can connect on a deeper level by sharing this responsibility. In 2021, we expect this trend not only continue to grow but to be implemented into many marketing campaigns.

Conversational Marketing:

This type of marketing is a personalized approach that engages customers in real time to streamline the sales cycle, learn about the customer, and enhance the buying experience. With the rise of technology, customers have grown to expect their questions to be answered in an instant. For this reason, your business should have an “always-on channel,” which means, that customers can reach out to your business to resolve an issue or ask a question at any time. Some examples of these channels include a business website, social media pages, and chat bots. Successful businesses will be able to utilize these tools to not only respond to customer inquiries but anticipate them as well. Conversational marketing is important to include in your strategy because every customer engagement allows your business to gain knowledge about the customer, which, will allow your business to strengthen the customer experience.

Omnichannel Personalization:

Omnichannel personalization is the idea of creating unique content across all channels to build a positive and consistent relationship with your customers. Over the last few years, marketers have acted unilaterally by using a broad brush to paint one type of content across all channels. In 2021, marketers need to understand how customers interact with each channel including mobile, web, in-store, social media, and email so they can personalize specific content for each respective channel. In doing this, marketers can optimize content and strategically implement it to create value among your customers.

Content Is King:

In 2021, you can expect these types of content to rule marketing campaigns.

  • Branded Content: This is high quality content that is shared through non-traditional advertising mediums like video, articles, podcasts, live events, or even interactive content. Branded content aims to not only sell your product or service but to provide a memorable experience that grabs the customer’s attention and stand out among your competitors.
  • User Generated Content: Much like the name suggests, UCG is a type of content that is created by your users or customers to represent your brand. UCG is effective because it implements your product with real people to create an authentic atmosphere that relates with new, potential customers.
  • Nostalgia Marketing: In a fast-paced world where we often talk about technology and the future, nostalgia marketing flashes us back to a much simpler time. This type of content leverages the customer’s emotion by inviting them to focus on things they already know rather than foreseeing the next great thing.

Although we have no crystal ball that can guarantee what marketing will look like in the future, we hope that these predictions give you some insight into a hopeful 2021 as we leave this hectic 2020.

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