The marketing trends for 2022 are already starting to shape up, and small businesses should be aware of what they can do to prepare for the coming year. If the word “meta” wasn’t on your radar it is now with Facebook’s rebranding. SEO, a still a little understood and highly effective tactic, is experiencing ongoing algorithm changes. Consumer experiences are changing shape as many people have become accustomed to doing business online instead of in person. And social media marketing is leading even more consumers via influencers. Here are the top trends we are noticing that can help launch your business forward in 2022.

1 – Meta Goes Beyond Facebook

As we mentioned, Facebook is now Meta with the rebranding of its platform to focus more on groups and communities. There are many varying definitions of meta depending on what you are referring to. In marketing, meta is a term that refers to the approach that considers all aspects of life like social, ethical, scientific, and experience.

By establishing this knowledge, a marketer can form a holistic view of the industry and create marketing that is new, fresh, and competitive. This is a form of rewriting the rule book or changing the game in a way that benefits the business, as well as offers a better product and/or experience to the consumer.

This means that businesses need to start thinking about their marketing strategy in a more holistic way and how all of their properties work together. These properties can include your website, blog, social media platforms, and even offline marketing.

2 – Google is Playing the SEO Game Too

Google is always changing its algorithm and it keeps marketing experts on the tips of their toes. Google isn’t doing this to make the job of getting your SEO right harder, but to combat players in this game who are using “hacks” to get ahead instead of offering searchers better content and experiences.

Long gone are the days of keyword stuffing and posting short blogs with thin content. Google wants its users to find the information they need from the websites providing the most value. With AI getting smarter, quality content really is king.

This means that you need to stay ahead of these changes if you want your business’s marketing efforts to be effective. Take a look at your web content and make an assessment. Are your articles short, under 1,440 words? Are they offering quality information that will answer searchers’ questions or provide new data to readers?

Hiring an SEO professional, like the ones here at Aroluxe, can give you an edge in identifying problem areas. Using professional tools, we can quickly identify shortcomings and measure your website presence against your competitors.

Website Speed Matters in 2022

With SEO being a major focus for so long with its increased presence in the marketing world, businesses would be wise to focus on their website speed as well. Mobile devices continue to dominate web traffic and that isn’t going anywhere any time soon. Ensuring your website is mobile-first and has speed issues addressed will help get or keep you on the highly competitive SEO landscape.

More than ever, website speed is a determining factor in whether or not someone stays on your page. 47 percent of people expect a web page to load in two seconds or less and 79 percent of inpatient mobile users will leave a site that takes more than three.

3 – People Want Experiences

Woman experiencing a brand through VR

This has always been the case but it means something different now. Only a couple of years ago, consumers could get to experience a brand with just a stroll through the mall. Now many businesses have moved into digital storefronts and their customers are missing out on the chance to immerse themselves in the brand. With the online advertising space becoming noisier, it is hard for businesses to stand out. Consumers are craving experiences that allow them to connect with the brand’s products or services in person.

This can mean that businesses should focus on giving consumers an experience at every stage of the marketing cycle. For example, ads can become “memes” or social-sharable pieces, the website and shopping cart offer another experience, even the packaging and shipping box become a part of the consumer experience.

Here are ideas of ways your brand can offer consumers experiences:

  • A presence at a live music event, even a digital one can help.
  • Provide relatable videos and clips that can be shareable. Instagram and TikTok are great platforms for this.
  • Art installations that users can interact with. Think about the murals in Nashville that make their way into thousands of social media posts.
  • Presence within a video game. This can be as simple as product placement, in-game environment, or even hosting live events with VR.
  • Food experiences that mesh your brand with a popular food item. There have been many different “food challenges” that gain popularity on social media.

4 – Influencers Are Leading the Charge More Than Ever

It used to be that marketing professionals were unsure of influencers and feared their marketing efforts would only appear inauthentic. Now there is evidence of the power of influencer-driven marketing, including its ability to generate up to 22 times more leads than traditional marketing strategies.

This means it is time for businesses big or small to take advantage of marketing efforts that include influencer marketing. Not only does this allow marketers to get the word out about their products and services, but it also helps them build trust with consumers by having a known person speak positively of the brand.

The influencer marketing industry is set to reach $13.8 billion already this year. Influencers also play into the consumer experience factor. Influencers give the product a face, context, and a familiar, real person providing interactions and endorsement.

Business to business can also benefit from this trend. After all, B2B companies are run by people who are making choices based on the best information available to them.

Get a Marketing Boost in 2022

With marketing moving more toward the digital realm, it is important to stay on top of marketing trends so that you can be as effective as possible. Keep your business ahead by hiring a marketing firm like Aroluxe in Nashville, TN, and taking advantage of their expert knowledge and toolsets at every stage of the marketing cycle.