With the popularity of phones, laptops, and other devices, digital ads have become one of the most reliable marketing tools available to us today. Not only are digital ads visible to a larger audience, but they’re also easier to track and collect data on.

Today we’ll go over different types of ads, as well as some important tips to keep in mind for your first ad.

First, let’s start with some basics.

What Is A Digital Ad?

Generally speaking, digital ads are advertisements that are displayed via online channels such as websites, search engines, or social media platforms.

You’ve probably seen plenty of these before, since they appear with almost every internet search. For example, say you look up “dog food”, and see a bunch of search results. At the very top of the results page, there might be some paid search results being displayed. These are ads that have been placed there.

If you click on one of these and it takes you to a website, you might then see some banner ads displayed. These will look like floating rectangular ads – typically located at the top, bottom, or sides of the page.

Marketing experts estimate that the average internet user sees thousands of ads per day. That’s a lot of placed ads!

Now lets learn a little bit more about ad placement – including why and how you can start running your own ads.

Digital Ad Placement

There are two ways to place ads. The first is the most straightforward – by hiring a marketing agency to place ads on your behalf. This may include a variety of services such as strategy, ad design, and ongoing ad management.

The second way to place ads is to do it yourself. This includes finding an advertising channel, opening a business ad account, creating the creative, and running the ads themselves. Keep in mind, however, that for many businesses, this process can come with a steep learning curve. That’s why hiring a professional advertising agency is often the more efficient route.

Types Of Digital Ads

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Here are a few of the most common types of digital ads that you might encounter.

Display Ads

Display ads are the rectangular blocks of images and text that often appear on web pages. They look like advertisement posters that have been placed on a website. These display ads often advertise services, products, or even sales and discounts.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Unlike display ads, SEM is used to place advertisements on search page results. These ads are often shown at the very top of a page of search results and might have an “ad” tag, indicating that it is a sponsored result. These ads can be placed with a variety of search engines, including Google and Bing.

Social Media Ads

Social media ads can take a variety of forms such as stories, posts, reels, videos, and more. They can also be placed on most social media platforms used today, including Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and even Snapchat. Social media advertisements are effective because they can be used to target very specific demographics, and the analytics are easy to collect.

Digital Ad Platforms

Fortunately, there are a variety of fantastic digital ad platforms these days. Here at Aroluxe Marketing, for example, Google holds a particularly special place in our hearts. Our Digital Director, Britta Plyler says that “Google continues to dominate all other search engines and with search, display, and shopping ads there is a campaign type for every business goal”. 

Individual social media channels often have their own business suites as well. These often come with a dashboard that allows you to manage ads and view analytics.

Digital Ad Agency

As we mentioned earlier, one of the best ways to kickstart digital ads for your business is by hiring a marketing agency. A professional marketing agency can create a campaign strategy for you, design the creative, and run the ads.

When selecting an agency, there are a few things to consider:

Experience – How long has the agency been around, and what kinds of clients do they usually work with? For example, here at Aroluxe marketing, we primarily work with clients in the medical, legal, and enterprise fields. This means that if you’re a vein clinic looking to run search ads, we’ve got just the right kind of experience under our belt to help.

Previous Work – Does the agency have previous work that you can take a look at? Many marketing agencies these days have a portfolio on their website to display previous client work.

Budget – Is the cost of services quoted by the agency within your budget? Tip: Ask the agency for a proposal outlining their recommendations for you, as well as what the services will cost.

Marketing Services In Tennessee

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Looking for a professional marketing agency in the Tennessee area? We’d love to help! Not only does our company offer experience and reliability, but we also offer top-tier creative talent. Our work is done with passion, and every piece of content shows it.

In addition to digital ad placement, we also offer services such as SEO, video production, graphic design, brand development, and campaign strategy. Quality SEO can enhance your paid advertising efforts and this can save you a lot of money! Take a look at our projects page to see some of our previous work. 

We start each job by getting to know our client inside and out. Your business goals, target demographics, and brand are all of utmost importance to us. After getting to know you and your company, we follow through by brainstorming the task at hand as a team. This way, you get as many creative minds focused on your business as possible. Following this, we go through multiple iterations of content to get just the right mix of elements for your advertisements. Throughout all of this, we make sure to follow up with meetings to ensure that our work is meeting your objectives.

Interested in sitting down for a meeting? Simply call or fill out our online contact form.