Just a few years ago, marketers worldwide were adapting to a world where images had become the king of content. Caption-heavy social posts were considered dinosaurs, and colorful, engaging photos became the best form of content. Now, however, even images have become outdated. A new form of content has risen above the pile to take the lead — video.

Video can convey brand voice, logo, and colors, all within just a few seconds. Not only that, but videos are also more engaging. Users like to see something interesting, something funny, or something authentic. All of these things are conveyed much more effectively over video.

Don’t take our word for it; however, let’s look at the data. According to HubSpot, a whopping “87% of video marketers reported that video gives them a positive ROI”. This indicates that video is at least worth a try for most companies.

As our very own social media lead, Sara says, “there isn’t just ONE role of video in the marketing landscape. The advantages video content provides spans across all marketing channels including social media, SEO, and traditional advertising”. Today we’ll go over just a few of the ways in which video can be beneficial to your marketing strategy.


Using Video in Social Media Marketing

Social media is easily one of the best places to place video content. Feed posts, reels, and stories all easily support video formats.



Video can be a great addition to your organic social media strategy. How-to’s, funny skits, employee spotlights, and product reveals are all great ideas for content. Above all, users love content that’s useful or entertaining.



Video isn’t just for organic social media, however. Paid ads can utilize video as well. Some animations and well-placed graphics can go a long way toward catching users’ attention. For service-based businesses, client testimonials can be a great way to differentiate you from competitors.



As video has become more and more important to consumers, it shouldn’t be surprising that entire social media platforms have sprung up around it. That’s what TikTok is. The platform continues to grow by millions of users a year. TikTok has gotten so popular that companies all over the US have begun incorporating it into their marketing strategy. With good reason at that. TikTok beats out pretty much every other platform when it comes to engagement. That’s hugely important because it means that users are more likely to see, process, and remember your content on TikTok.



product marketing using youtube videos

Did you know you don’t have to be a YouTuber to have a Youtube channel? Many businesses upload videos as a supplement to the rest of their marketing strategy. For example, say you’re a medical provider. Since many consumers may not be too well versed in your services, it might be a good idea to give them a hand. For example, you could upload longer informational videos to Youtube. This way, content that’s too large doesn’t gunk up your other social media platforms.


Using Video in Email Marketing

Yes, you can even insert videos into emails. For example, say you’re a SaaS company, and your CEO has an important message to your clients. An email list is a perfect way to reach just the right audience in this case. A simple insert and click send, and your video message can reach thousands of clients at once. It’s a particularly great choice for speeches that would be too long to read in text form.


Using Video in TV Advertising

Although tv advertising is perhaps somewhat obvious, it is a good marketing channel to keep in mind. As we’ve transitioned into a more digital era, many marketing departments have begun opting for digital ads more and more.

But where does that leave all of those older audiences? Consumers over 45 still make up a sizable portion of the US market. Imagine you’re a phone or medical company that targets older users. Many users still watch local tv channels and may not be active on social media platforms. For these cases, television ads are the perfect marketing channel.


Using Video in Website Design

Often a missed opportunity, video can make a great addition to a fresh new website design. Your website is one of the most significant pieces of real estate that you have at your disposal. It’s a huge source of information for your customers. Your website is your opportunity to tell a story about your team and brand and what sets you apart from the competition

Here, video can shine. For example, say you produce and sell tea products. On your landing page, you could feature a video discussing how ethical and modern your company is. You can show snapshots of the entire product creation, from farmers collecting tea leaves to a modern industrial roasting facility for processing leaves. This will be much more engaging and authentic-feeling than simply having a few featured images.


Repurposing Content with Video

Perhaps the last and most important tidbit of information we’ll leave you today is a reminder about getting the most possible out of your content.

Creating content from scratch takes a lot of time. If you’re already putting in the work, you might as well fully utilize the final product. Don’t just throw it out after a single use.

For example, say you’re a beauty product company and film a quick 30-second video on skincare tips. You should be able to easily take the same video, edit and remix it, to create a few variations of it. Make sure to resize it so that it’s suitable for a variety of screens. Then, post it across a variety of platforms. For example, one piece of content can be remixed to go across all of these platforms:

  • Instagram Reels
  • Instagram Stories
  • Instagram Feed Posts
  • Facebook Posts
  • YouTube Shorts
  • TikTok


If necessary, you can pull the script out of the video and have it quickly refilmed for TikTok.

In this way, your one video can be worth thousands of engagements.


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