We are excited to announce that Aroluxe has been verified as a Google Partner in paid search advertising!

Google AdWords has been a fantastic advertising platform for us, by finding potential customers who are already searching for the products or services of interest. By putting ads in front of high-quality search traffic and leads, the likelihood of website visits and conversion increases exponentially. More often than not, AdWords also provides a high ROI (return on investment) for our clients, because only the ads that are clicked on cost money.

“Our digital strategist, Britta Plyler, has been instrumental in making this happen. Ever since getting her own personal certifications in AdWords and Analytics, she’s been effortlessly handling budgets upwards of $15,000 per month,” said Emma Applebome, Aroluxe’s Campaign Manager.


On top of Google Adwords, Google Analytics provides state-of-the-art data to understand how campaigns, even those outside of Google, perform.

It can provide all kinds of information about which pages are performing well, and gives companies a better picture of who their target demographic is. You can tell how people are finding your website and what they are doing on your website once they get there. To maximize your conversion efforts, you can also set goals for each of your accounts to monitor specific KPIs of interest. No matter what you’re looking to monitor, analytics is able to create custom reports to give a personalized picture of where your business stands in the market.

“Google is undeniably such a huge player in the digital space. We are excited to further our relationship with Google, and take advantage of continued learning on our side,” said Emma.

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