As marketers, we like to think that we’re aware of everything there is to know about current digital trends. More often than not, however, we’re actually just a little behind the curve. Every single moment, there are thousands of hashtags, trends, and new apps popping up all across the internet. Naturally, it’s almost impossible for us to keep up with everything.

The one group of people that are most likely to be on top of all these trends are Gen Z’ers. They’re familiar with which platforms are trending, what type of content does best, and when to jump ship from a social media platform.

Today we’ll talk a little bit about how to think like the most social media savvy generation alive today. First, let’s start with some of the TikTok marketing trends that we may not be aware of quite yet as marketers.

Videos Are The Future Of Social Media

It’s well-known that written content is no longer engaging for users – but did you know that even images are being phased out? Now more than ever, users want to see real, authentic experiences. This means videos filmed in the now, rather than pre-planned and staged images.

According to Sprout Social, “85% of social media users want more videos from brands”. This means that as a company, you should be filming and uploading videos to all of your social media channels. How-to tutorials, interactive guides, funny skits, dances, and whatever else it takes.

The important thing to keep in mind is that these videos have an engagement rate that is unmatched by image posts. A TikTok video of how to use a new skincare product, for example, has exposure potential that an Instagram post does not.


Tiktok Isn’t Over-Saturated

There’s a reason why marketing departments all over the country have begun to shy away from organic content. Simply put, many social media platforms have become far too saturated to be much use to the average content creator.

The good news is that TikTok is still managing to keep itself out of that bucket. According to Influencer MarketingHub, TikTok boasts an average engagement rate of “17.96%” for micro-influencers. As a point of comparison – Instagram only clocks in at “3.86%”.

In other words, your content is a lot more likely to be seen and interacted with if you develop it for TikTok rather than Instagram or Facebook. More than that, however, these numbers mean that TikTok is the easiest platform for new users to break into.

That’s why every small company out there should be creating or developing their TikTok channel right now. This channel has the potential to give even a small dental office a social media fanbase.


Everything Has A Place On Tiktok

Here’s what we mean.

There’s a common misconception that TikTok can’t be used for serious or educational content. Even marketers often fall prey to this misconception. We’re here to remind you, however, that this is not true.

In 2021 alone, TikTok saw interest in videos about #inflation grow by nearly 1900%, as people all across the platform tried to learn more about what was happening to their economy.

The conclusion that we can then come to, is that your industry will almost certainly have a niche or audience on TikTok. The important thing is simply to curate and edit your content to fit the platform.

TikTok is known for short, bite-sized videos that can be flipped through at a quick pace. This is the content format that you want to fit into. For example, say you’re a dermatological office that specializes in teen acne. Your best bet would be to create a series of TikToks that break down information into easy-to-watch, 16-second intervals. Don’t forget to also add text, visuals, and music if applicable.


Authenticity Matters

The days of perfectly planned out and staged photos are gone. Young adults have spent so much time in the social media world that they’ve become familiar with almost every marketing trick in the book. These days, authenticity is becoming more and more relevant. In fact, “86 percent of consumers say authenticity is important when deciding what brands they like and support”.

Generation Z knows this – and that’s why they’ve started using videos and live stories more and more. Even better, many young adults have fine-tuned their content to allow viewers to see as much into their daily lives as possible. Although some companies have begun to copy this by introducing friendly, real clips of office employees, they still have a long way to go.


Viewers Want Interesting Content

Although this may seem like an obvious one, it also happens to be the one we often forget. Many brands focus so much on advertising products to viewers, that they forget to make the content entertaining. TikTok users love content that is interesting, funny, helpful, or feel-good.

Content that is perceived as overly salesy or pushy can be alienating to users. Instead, try to brainstorm some ideas for helpful tips and guides that users can watch.


Social Media Marketing In Tennessee

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Now that we’ve gone over some of the important social media trends to be aware of, you might be thinking – I’d love to try this, but how do I start?

Well, lucky for you, we’ve got some advice.

For starters, know that you don’t have to tackle this challenge alone. Here at Aroluxe Marketing, we’re more than ready to lend a helping hand. We can get your social media channels up and running for you, with a logo, bio, and links all set up. After that, we can continue managing your social media accounts, filling them with great content that’s sure to draw interest to your brand.

Not only do we post curated images, but we can also include employee spotlights, tips, and guides, as well as other interactive content that users will love. We believe that good marketing starts with great content, and we strive to deliver.


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