Video content is dominating internet traffic, including video streaming platforms and social media platforms. Nowadays, consumers would much rather watch a video than read a news article or blog. HubSpot conducted a survey asking consumers what type of content they would prefer to see from a brand or business that they support. Video ranked number one, followed by emails and newsletters. Video content has evolved from a marketing format to an entire business strategy. Plus, creating video content is easier and cheaper than ever. Here is why your business should start creating original video content.


Today’s technology makes creating video content easier and more affordable than ever. Yes, depending on the type of video it can be very costly, but to create short, basic video content most people have all the tools they need right in front of them. The quality of cameras on smart phones allow you to shoot up to 4K quality footage right from your fingertips. In addition, there are various editing software programs available that are very affordable. If you are an Apple user, iMovie is free!

High Conversion Rates & ROI

Video content on landing pages is capable of increasing conversion rates by 80% and increasing your email open rates by 19% just by mentioning the word “video” in your email subject. Consumers use videos for many reasons, one being to educate themselves during the decision process. They may want to know more about the company, more about the product itself, or see what well-known vloggers have to say about the product.

Endless Content

There is a type of video for every business. From brand overview videos, to animated videos, to educational videos, there is something that your business has to offer. The trick is understanding your target audience and what types of videos they are searching for.