Every brand’s dream is to create a piece of advertising that is so impactful, so long-lasting, that it can be identified as ‘iconic.’ When your company’s advertisements are still searched up on YouTube 20 years later or hung up on the walls of bars around the US, that’s when you know you created history.

Advertisements have come and gone for hundreds of years — ever since the first ad was run in a newspaper. Very few, however, have ever achieved the honor of becoming a cultural icon. The ones that have, however, went on to pin their company’s name into the books of American pop culture history.


The question that we’ll look at today — is what makes an advertisement iconic.


An Emotional Pull

A good marketing campaign always pulls on emotions in some way. An advertisement can be happy, humorous, heartfelt, or exciting, but it does need to elicit some type of emotional response.

The #LikeAGirl commercial by Always was a huge hit with consumers and demographics all across the US. The ad felt heartfelt and instantly struck a chord with the viewer. It reflected the struggle of women everywhere trying to overcome societal limitations. This ad is a perfect example of a commercial that aims to make an emotional impact.


Short And Simple

You’ve probably heard slogans like ‘Just Do It’ by Nike; Wendy’s  ‘Where’s the Beef’; or Apple’s ‘Think Different’.

Practice, A/B testing, and trends have shown time and time again that consumers like a short slogan. Most people find a lengthy catchphrase simply too difficult to remember. Short phrases are much more likely to get lodged in your head (kind of like a tv jingle). Bite-sized copy also has the added benefit of being easy to convey to others over hashtag, tweet, or simple word of mouth.

The marketing material itself is important to consider as well when writing your slogan. Although tv commercials may be able to accommodate longer catchphrases, not all mediums can. For example, posters, merchandise, and social media posts have much less space to work with. For these cases, it’s a good idea to have a short slogan (or an abridged version of your slogan). This way, you have the most flexibility when it comes to your marketing campaign.


Think Outside The Box

It’s important to remember that audiences do appreciate innovation.

For example, Adidas recently collaborated with Rick and Morty to release an animated, futuristic commercial. It’s trendy and interesting but still familiar enough for audiences to recognize the context.

The creators of the advertisement picked a show that is immensely popular with younger audiences and incorporated it seamlessly into their marketing campaign.

Although it may seem very different from Coke’s trendy campaigns, or Wendy’s humorous ones, it’s just as effective.


Tune Into Your Audience

turning up the volume of your message

All of the above elements are key to putting together a successful advertising campaign. Most important, however, is staying in touch with your audience and era. As society changes, certain ideas and trends go in and out of fashion. It’s important to keep on top of everything and move with the times.

In 1984, Apple made the decision to seize a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. They produced and released a dystopian-themed commercial based on George Orwell’s book ‘1984’. The commercial aired during the super bowl, making waves all across the US. Since then, this commercial has been seen as one of the most iconic and innovative advertisements in media history.

Just as it was back then, staying in touch with current feelings and trends is still the best way to create an advertising campaign that truly hits home.


Great Examples

Looking for some real examples of iconic advertising? Check out some of these marketing campaigns that we’ve compiled below. A lot of these can be found on YouTube or the company’s website. Check them out!



Possibly one of the most well-known brands in the world, Coca-Cola continues to be a behemoth in the advertising industry. From trendy scenes of teenagers to heartfelt messages of friendship, Coca-Cola has done it all.

Their most successful advertising campaign, however, is the ‘Share a Coke’ campaign. It utilizes packaging design and tv commercials to create an emotional bond with viewers. Throughout this campaign, the company printed millions of bottles of coke with names on them. They asked consumers to share the cokes with each other and make friends.



This car manufacturer has had a history of producing some of the most entertaining print ads. In one of their ad campaigns, they decided to take a self-deprecating, humorous approach. Their prints had headlines such as ‘it’s ugly, but it gets you there.’ Another spread said, ‘And if you run out of gas, it’s easy to push.’



In 1984, Wendy’s released a hilarious commercial that featured a grandmother burning rubber to chase down a Wendy’s burger. The commercial was comedic and hip, entertaining audiences of all ages.



Most likely to be labeled an icon of this decade, the #LikeAGirl commercial warmed hearts everywhere. The commercial aimed to raise women up and help them break through glass ceilings.


Last Notes

We hope that this guide helped break down some of the most important elements of a successful advertisement. Do keep in mind that you can always consult with a professional marketing company in order to plan and execute your advertising campaign.


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